Glass Fusion

Glass Fusion is an exciting and colorful way to create beautiful pieces of art!


Create your very own design by nipping, cutting and layering glass.  Incorporate pottery techniques to create a one-of-a-kind design or you can choose a design from our large selection of samples.  


When done, it is fired in the kiln until it is fused into one beautiful piece of artwork.  

Turn around time is approximately 7-14 days.

New to Glass Fusion?

Don't be shy!  Register for any of our great-for-beginner glass workshops to learn all the basics.  Can't make a workshop?  A great introduction to glass art is to visit any Thursday for our special 3 Pendants for $25 ($45 value).  Any of our friendly, professional team members are happy to help!


What is "slumping"?   

We also offer "slumping."  This is a second firing where your piece of glass is formed over a mold and slumped into a beautiful bowl or dish or draped into a vase or votive holder.  

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