Fun for All!


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Clay Building:

Come in and make your own artwork out of clay! We have all the materials for hand building clay. You can walk in and create, but we do ask that you call a few minutes in advance so that we can set up the table and materials for you!

Pottery Painting:

This is the core of what we do here at Starving Artist Studio! We have a huge selection of pottery to choose from, and our staff is equipped to help you create your own masterpiece! Check out the page on pottery painting for more info. 

Canvas Painting:

Every weekend we have a canvas painting workshop on Saturday evenings at 6 pm! These workshops are a wonderful relaxing, fun time of creation and inspiration. Learn a new artistic technique and walk out of the studio with your own piece the same day! Visit our page on canvas painting for more info. 

Glass Fusion:

Come in for one of our fun glass fusion pieces and try something new! This type of artwork is easy to pick up and can make some of the most beautiful pieces! We do walk-in glass fusion as well as workshops throughout the month. Visit our page on glass fusion for more info about this medium. 


Board Art: 

Come try your hand at board art with us! We have stencils to use and workshops throughout the year that take you step by step. Visit our page on board art for more info.

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