Board Art






Get in on this fun trend!

DIY Board/Plank Art for your home, friend or just for fun!


You'll learn all you need to know about staining, stenciling and adding those finishing touches for an amazing masterpiece!  Check out our Events Reservations tab for upcoming Board Art events!







These two are the designers behind the 2010 founded design company Anders Ruff®, a popular graphic design, party styling, DIY blog and online shop.  Their “Ruff Draft” column on the blog has been a source of DIY inspiration and ideas for many years.  6 years later and many creative ideas completed, these two had demands from fans and clients to offer hands on workshops where they could teach their skills to others.  Their dream of coming out from behind the screen to offer mixed media workshops for home decor, parties, design and styling skills is coming true!  Their vision was to create an inspiring and charming boutique workshop that not only 


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